Sunday, September 20, 2009

DO, try this at home

All in a day:
*Wake up 10am, make tea
*Reading turns to nap 10:45-11:30
*Bagel date with friend, dog park with dog
*Softball playoffs @ McCarren Park (spectator not player) 2pm-3:30
*Back home;
i. make iced tea & iced coffee for the week
ii. clean pond pump, trim garden
iii. feed koi
*Dumpling date at Mott&Bayard with mom 5:30
*Walk home via Williamsburg Bridge
*Back home 7:45;
i. make chicken soup
-Boiled 4 drumsticks in salted water for 5 minutes
-Placed on a bed of rosemary & sage (from the garden) with 1 lemon halved, in an oven proof dish. Broil till lemons are brownish and meat is firmed.
-Meanwhile, in my Brooklyn Kitchen cast iron pan, I cooked down onions and garlic with oil.
-Slowly added chicken stock (mine made from bouillon and water, cheaper), bringing back to a simmer each time a new ingredient is added. Cannelinni beans, Kale, uncored and unseeded diced tomatoes, celery. (All from the Paisley Farm CSA, and McCarren Park Farmers Market.)
-A couple squirts of Sriracha, pepper, sea salt and a large tblspoon of tomato paste to thicken.
-Once celery and kale are to desired texture, the chicken is cool enough now to be pulled off bone and put into soup. Bring all to a simmer and serve.
-time and taste is all up to you
*Make potato salad with homemade horseradish-caper dressing
*Change kitty litter
*Shower 11:30pm
*Watch the first new episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" with my man.
*Bedtime, right now