Friday, September 17, 2010

i'm always surprised who i meet at my day job;

photo by jenifer altman

Jenifer Altman, photographer, was in my food shop the other day. of course all i knew at the time was that (i was late for work) , (i had no idea where my apron was) and there was a woman with a camera who asked to take my picture. ordinarily i answer that question with a grimace and all i can think of is who's going to win this battle -my cheeks or my eyes, but calmed by her artist hands i said 'ok' right away. she took no more than two stock photos of me in the store and one poloroid of my face. it was that single shot that interested me.

after a quick visit to google i am so thrilled to have found this work and to have met her, (however briefly). the film over her film translates the space and smell that i try to have swarm my three-dimentional work. there's a sensibility that people share with similarities so specific as the colors they keep. when i notice something captured by another that i've seen and felt before in nature, but that all i took with me was its colors and scent, i'm jealous and delighted that it was caught and feel part of the family of hunters.

i'm always surprised who i meet at my day job.