Saturday, April 17, 2010

bus stop

for the few souls who haven't heard RadioLab, now is the time to start:
a fake bus stop installed outside an old folks home, has a sort of dream catcher/senior citizen wrangler effect. the senile patients who are convinced they need to get home in time for dinner (some believe they are young children whose parents are waiting), will escape and have a seat on the bus stop's bench. acting as a mental transport to and from reality, as well as buying the nurses some time to realize someone is missing.

listen. im not doing it justice.

I then began to think about the idea of the inner child; with its delightful benefits of curiosity and wild eyed optimism and joy, to the stunting confusion of being alone in a limbo without real children or true adults.
our brains grow and then diminsh in a lifetime. for what part of it are you truely you?

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