Sunday, January 3, 2010

The ABC's to the New Years Cold

Maybe it was the scantily clad evening of partying or the super bugs of 2009, but whatever the cause it seems too many of us are sick for the new year! Here are some low cost, low energy (can feel like death and do them) tips to getting heathy again and feeling less disgusting sooner.

Avoidance: at the first sign of sickness, (that scratchy throat and dry eyes) DRINK! Now hold on, don't go tie one on at your nearest bar, stay home and drink as much liquid (juice & water) that you can. If you can stand it, watering down the juice makes it easier to consume more and gives you more bang for your buck. Applejuice with seltzer is my goto.

Book and Bed: self explanatory right? Your body needs to rest and heal itself, so grab your big cup of seltzer juice and fluff the pillows. A book is better than endless tv watching for a couple reasons. Reading is more conducive to falling asleep and if you do stay awake for a while it feels as if you're being more productive. It fights zombie brain, making you feel less useless.

Care about your appearence: ok, this seems silly but it really does help to get you feeling better if you dress for the part. If you're still in the not getting out of bed phase, obviously don't get out the ballgown, but a pedicure or a shave can get you atleast looking like your old self again. And for those lucky enough to have someone along for the snotty ride, smooth legs or a kissable face is a thank you to your nurse.