Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome to smallhome

As an artist,gardener,homemaker,and general enthusiast I'm always thinking of how we can sustain a calm beauty to our lives without sacrificing variety and inspiration. Everyday we encounter a million outside factors that can make or break our day. From the food we eat, to the route we take home; one little thing (or if you live in NY, a dozen little things) can mount up to one big bad mood. The good news is, we can enlist the positive little pleasures found in the same day of abuse and create the supportive calm it takes to just walk on by.

Keeping your home tidy is absolutely going to help your head clear its dust bunnies as well. Don't have the time or energy in the week to keep the whole place looking like a page from Home&Garden?, in the time you watch your nightly t.v. or listen to your favorite album, design a corner to be your perfect retreat.

*Make your desk a place to write or read or draw -or maybe to attend to that ugly paperwork you've been putting off.

*Change your sheets and make your bed! Organizing your bedside table with fresh flowers, your latest read and a dust free lamp will send you to sleep with sweet dreams (not to mention fewer allergens!)

When you find a little more time, a lazy Saturday that's too hot to leave the house is the perfect time to tackle the closet!

*Organizing and displaying your clothes like they're worth something will make you more inclined to pick out fresh ensembles from your own closet than from the gorgeously designed, but super pricey boutique out in the heat.

I'm not condoning hermit-ism! Once your home is the place to be, that doesn't mean you can avoid the rest of the world. Frequent trips to parks, museums (check out free exhibits near you) or dare I say it, work, will renew your appreciation for your newly designed digs.
Any chance you get to see natural beauty and the clean lines of dust free furniture, your eyes tell your brain that everything is in order.

*next post: step outside the house